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Gas Installations for Educational Establishments

  • Are the Gas appliances in your workshop/kitchen compliant with BS6891/BS6172 & BS6173
  • Are you aware of IGEM/UP/11 Edition 2 which relates to Gas Installations for Educational Establishments?

This standard has been drafted by a Panel appointed by the Institution of Gas Engineers and Manager’s (IGEM’s) Gas Utilisation Committee and is published by the authority of the council of IGEM.


Gas Installation Standards

This Standard sets down the minimum requirements for safety in educational establishments, for architects, designers, science health and safety advisers, teaching and technical staff in the operation of their systems and equipment.

It is recognised that a risk assessment in some educational establishments may indicate a need for additional features such as larger valve handles, more easily accessible controls, signage in more than one language, in braille, or lower levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) within the teaching areas for specific health reasons. The responsibility for such measures lies with competent persons having responsibility for the design and installation.